1932 Ford Roadster

A Real Unicorn Found

General Information

When lift gives you a chance to purchase an original real deal Henry Ford steel 1932 Ford Roadster – you buy it… and we did.  Knowing the right person and being in the right place at the right time and being fortunate enough to be able to all comes together sometimes in life.  We are very excited to build a unicorn dream car with this Deuce as a traditionally inspired build with some minor modern tweaks.


Ford Mexican Block 302
Howard’s Cam, 0.30 Bore
Aluminum Heads w Roller Rockers
Pro-Flo 4 EFI


1965 C4 Automatic
1968 Valve Body
Shift Kit


Interior: Tan
Exterior: 1931 Lombard Blue


Power Disc Brakes
17×8, 15×6 Artillery Wheels
235/60R17, 195/60R15 Diamond Back Whitewalls

Build Details

When a friend says to you “would you be interested in an original 1932 Ford Roadster”, you say yes.   I mean, when nowadays do you find the most notable hot rod in history locally on your back door step for sale?!

Well, that is what happened this summer while having a conversation with a fellow car nut on what our dream car project is. 

Sometimes in life the universe smiles on you and the timing is right.  The car has been in a private collection for some time now.  It is a bone stock four cylinder roadster that has had some work done to it in its life.  We will find out the extent of this work – good or bad – once we start to take it apart.  At the end of the day, whatever is wrong, we will fix it as this is a great candidate car and well worth the time and energy to make it right.

It was a very easy decision to say yes to once we saw it and we look forward to building it and keep the previous owner in the loop on the build – which we know he will probably be chasing us for updates anyways and likely demand to be one of the first to go driving in it when its done!

The build will start in mainly in the fall of 2019.  Our original plan was to complete the Parklane project first, but due to some delays in suspension designs we have decided to start the 1932 and will put the 1956 on hold.

The end goal is a traditional hot rod with full fenders, leaving the body stock, two inch chopped windshield and top, and upgraded chassis, suspension, and brakes.  A Ford flathead V8 was originally planned, but giving some consideration that the car will be used a lot and hopefully for long trips – we shifted to a Mexican block Ford 302 with an Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 EFI system and a C4 automatic transmission.

Also, we found someone in California with a complete frame and chassis with dropped I-beam front and rear 4-link that is installed to a Chevelle 12-bolt with new gears.   Now I’m usually opposed to Chevy in Ford stuff… but since this is already setup and better than the 1956 Dana 44 I have sitting around, we’ll probably go ahead and use it.  The chassis is being picked up in August.

Right now we are planning to complete the engine and transmission builds.  Once the new frame arrives, we will assemble the new chassis and suspension.   This is all to get ready for September when we can start mocking up the engine placement with the firewall / cowl and radiator in place.

The car is currently in storage until we start the project in the fall.

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