1969 Dodge Super Bee

Numbers Matching Restoration

General Information

When looking at a next project after taking some time off from building cars, we decided that a Mopar was the way to go.  However, we didn’t want to go with a Charger or a Cuda – and instead we ended up finding this Super Bee in need of a total restoration.  It was a cool car, but what it had going for it was the original build sheet, a lot of rare and great options, and a complete numbers matching power train.


4 Barrel Carburetor


4-Speed Standard


Interior: White
Exterior: Red with Black Roof


N96 Ramcharger Hood
Power Disc Brakes
Power Steering

Build Details

The search began for a build – one worth building.  What is meant by “worth building” is a car that when built would be worth more money than it took to build it and hopefully one that kept going up in value after it was finished.

We were looking for something rare and numbers matching.  We were lucky to find it.

When we saw the sale post for a 1969 Dodge Super Bee with fender tag and build sheet, we jumped on it.  But that is when it got weird.  You see when we showed up with was an Australian fellow and not the normal sort you see in possession of a now beat up Bee showing its use and abuse.

During the viewing of the car, we were getting more questions asked of us than we were of the car.  Questions such as “how many cars have you built before?”, “what do you plan on doing with it?”, “will you put in a bigger motor or stock?”.  After I inspected the car, I made an offer and the question back was:  “are you sure you’re ok with that number?”

The mystery was soon revealed after we came to a deal and he opened his garage doors.  He had a Porsche, MG, and a 1969 Charger.  The Charger and Bee were bought at the same time as a his and hers project – but the hers didn’t want it after seeing how big the Charger was.  The seller himself it was revealed was an investment banker – so money wasn’t the issue.  What he wanted was someone that was going to bring it back to its original numbers matching glory.  After being the tenth person to fail, we passed the test.

Since it had the original build sheet, we were able to track down the original owner who ordered the car how it was.  He was able to send pictures of the car drag racing on the race track against Road Runners and a GTX.   Making this a rare, cool, and real deal muscle car.

The car needed to be taken down to its core.  All of the chassis was removed to get the car on a full rotisserie so the body could be completely taken down to bare metal.

In the sprit of a numbers matching restoration, all of the components that were replaced were done with parts that met original specifications.  Also to keep some patina, it was decided to reuse parts that were considered serviceable in the interest of using original parts instead of new ones. 

An example being the original dash and steering wheel were used – even though they were not perfect.  That was the dash it had racing in the 70s.  It was the steering wheel many hands used to steer the car.  They needed to stay.

The car is stored safely with regular maintenance and exercise given.  As always, we’d love to drive it all the time – but sometimes that just doesn’t work.

She will be at the Crescent Beach Concours this August 2019 for what is actually its first car show since the restoration was complete nearly seven years ago.

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