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Rebuilt Ford C4 Transmission and Lokar Shifter

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I have a fully rebuilt 1965 Ford Mustang C4 with a 1968 valve body and aftermarket shift kit.   This was done as the older valve bodies were no where as good as the later ones.  It was fully rebuilt by Norm at Mainland Transmission.

Comes with a new torque converter and flexplate with 28oz weight.  Also comes with a new 16” single bend Lokar shifter, a new bell housing mount Lokar dip stick, and a chrome oil pan with drain plug.  All the seals (oil pan, speedo pickup, etc) are new and included.

It was never ran and was only used in mock-up - rebuild is about 6 months old and been sitting behind a motor in a chassis the whole time.  So the seals did not have the weight of the torque converter on it over time as sometimes happens when stored on a shelf.

Great setup for someone doing a classic Mustang or behind any Ford small block hot rod.

C4s are expensive to restore given availability of parts and torque converters are also getting hard to find.  This is a great chance to pickup a solid C4 rebuilt by one of the best builders around for way less than it cost.

PS flexplate bolts and ring are not included.


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